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I highly recommend Kara as a dog trainer, as well as a coach on keeping up these practices on going in your own home. She is very communicative and easy to talk with. I believe this helps dog owners feel comfortable working with their dog around her, as well as ask any question that comes to mind, without feeling ignorant or humiliated. Kara's "way" with dogs, any dog, is one that goes without being unnoticed. I have observed not only one or two dogs come up to say hello to her during training but many more. She makes a connection with them all, my dog loves her. My dog, a male Chocolate Lab, has been one tough cookie but I started him very young with the principles and practices Kara coaches. She has spent a lot of time with him, one-on-one time and at board and train, he always comes home a better dog. One thing I would like to say, dogs are dogs, it is really the human that needs to be trained. Kara is by far one of the best trainers and handlers I have seen in the business with both. It is difficult to find a dog trainer who has the passion to coach and train the dog and the human, Kara has it!!  My dog is now a young adult, still acting up once in awhile, but I know what I need to do to correct the behavior. I have had eight dogs in my time and I am finally on the eight dog doing things the way that is respoectable for me as an owner and my dog. Kara has assisted with me in this adventure and I know you would not be disappointed with her and the services she can provide to you, your family, and family dog!


-Sara and Brix

Brix and Kara on a training hike
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