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Tali and Chester

I met Kara in Chester’s puppy class 2 yrs. ago. Since then, with the help of Kara’s successful training guidance, I can confidently manage Chester’s on-off arousal switch and can keep his attention in situations with distractions – off leash! Kara is our “Go-To” Dog Trainer. She is professional in every way, holds a wealth of knowledge, supportive and handles diverse needs both with owners and dogs, communicates effectively, maintains a lasting trust and a sense of humor – all while helping to build that dog-human bond we all dream of. This I believe is Kara’s gift – her purpose in life! She is lucky enough to have identified it and has invested a great deal of time and hard work over the years to be the best Dog Trainer she can be. From the beginning, Kara not only tapped into Chester’s ways, but also more importantly, provided me with the effective training techniques I needed to learn to work with Chester. Chester mastered his commands nicely and then at 6 months, as most know happens, Chester had a brain of his own entering his teenage years and I became very frustrated. With Kara’s help, I changed up my training techniques with Chester and we continued to build the relationship we now have. As the saying goes, “Nothing in life worthwhile ever comes easy”! There are always peaks and valleys in life and training dogs is no different. Putting in the time and hard work pays off and it brings successful results. Not only did Chester meet his best buddy Koda – I, too have formed a special friendship with Kara that I will always be grateful for. Today, Chester’s little sister, Tali, and I are heading off to Kara’s Puppy Class at the Dog Ranch.

-Carolyn, Chester and Tali

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