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-Eric Killian and Klaus

"Over the last four years we've utilized Kara to train two different dogs both on-site for training classes, board-and-train and in-home consults.  Our Canaan Dogs are supposedly a unique breed with a particular temperament that can be challenging for even the best owner and trainer.  Kara was both patient, consistent and just the right amount of firm with both our dogs and us.  She helped us through some unique challenges our dog had with separation anxiety and our second dog who was a bull in a china shop. One dog needed a softer touch and the other dog was the exact opposite and Kara immediately recognized and adjusted our training based on the dog's behavior. In a trainer you need the right amount of personality, experience and natural talent.  Rest assured Kara will exceed your expectations in each of these three areas. With Kara and Double K Training you will get the training and handling you need to help you and your dog have the relationship you've always wanted."

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