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Kara Godebu IACP-CDT


Meet your honest, enthusiastic and caring 

professional dog trainer.


Dogs have always been at the forefront of Kara's life and she has dedicated over 13 years to training, working and understanding them. In addition to Kara having roughly five years of dedicated hands-on experience, Kara is a Certified Dog Trainer through International Association of Canine Proffesionals and certified by PetTech in Dog CPR and First Aid. She trains dogs to be polite, well-mannered canine citizens. The kind of dog that can be under control anywhere off leash and the kind of dogs your friends will line up to take care of.


A truly trained dog has impulse control, frustration tolerance and a true working attitude. The dog trusts and believes their owner to handle each situation, with or without distractions. There are not many dogs that start off this way, and it is Kara’s passion to turn dogs into this well trained dream.  A well trained dog starts with a loving and committed dog owner. Kara’s priority is to always train owners how to train and understand their dog. You will not find a dog trainer more dedicated to her clients.


If you are willing to do the work, Kara will spend the time to truly help you and your dog. Are you trainable? Then so is your dog!



Kara’s many years of experience include working dogs in board and train, classes, private training, in-home lessons and individually on hikes. With board and train, she works dogs in groups up to 15 off leash on proper socialization, appropriate dog-to-dog play, commands and overall control. She spends time with them one-on-one on training and behavior concerns and then teaches owners how to continue their training at home. Kara teaches puppy, basic, intermediate, advanced and specialty classes. Classes are a great way to bring dog and owners skill level up together and build on their relationship. Private training is an important part of what Kara does, with any training she wants to spend this time with dogs and their owners.



Kara is a balanced trainer. A balanced trainer uses both rewards and corrections to train and rehabilitate dogs. It is the understanding that no two dogs learn the same and as some dogs can be trained with just treats, there are other dogs that can’t and this is okay. She is experienced in using a variety of training equipment and methods. Tools are only as good as the handler, and any tool can be abused when used incorrectly. Through education of the four quadrants of dog training, Kara will work with each dog and their owners to implement a training plan that the owner is comfortable with and the dog can thrive from. 



The best K in Double K Training

Hi there! My name is Koda! I am a 3 year old German Shepherd, yes purebred despite my color and dopey ear. I was lucky to find Kara at the age of 4 months, when I was under socialized and terrified of the world. You see, my owners had kept me in a garage with my littermate and I had not met any other dogs or people. Upon meeting Kara, I growled and even expressed my anal glands. I had never been off of my own property. Thank you to staff at Dog Days who convinced my owners at the time that they had no business having two under socialized German Shepherds with young children and the intention to leave us in an outdoor compound the rest of  our life’s. It took my sister and I over 12 hours before we would come up to her. After that, she became my person. I had a long way to go to socialize with people and dogs and learn how to be in the people world. I started to understand that I could trust Kara in every situation. She would never put me over-threshold unless I could handle it. I learned my job was to look to her for direction, and she would always tell me how to handle it. Now, I have the best life! I am a happy, social, sweet, soft, well-adjusted German Shepherd.

 “Koda is all of that and more. He has taught me so much as a trainer and I’m grateful for his love and companionship every day. People often say, “I want my dog to be as well-trained as Koda.” That is what every dog owner and trainer strives to hear.” –Kara


Fun Fact: As Koda has improved leaps and bounds but his biggest fear still? Feathers.


The DK Canine Training Team

Sandy - Social Media Manager  (far left)

Sandy is the queen of social media! She handles everything DK Canine on Facebook and Instagram. 

Anna - Assistant (far right)

Anna is a friend, helping hand and can often be seen participating in classes, training for GRC and assisting Kara with classes. 

Maria - Assistant (Maria and her bulldog, Matis)

Maria handles all scheduling, emails and so much more. She will communicate with you setting up training and helps Kara with everything day to day. 

Photos By:
Shallyn Michelle Photography



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